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22 january 2015

What are wigs?

women’s wigs

Wigs are the covering of the head of Human beings, which is made up of artificial or real hair. It is made from the different quality that is made from human hair, animal hair or synthetic hair. Wigs made from human or synthetic hair are used to hide the baldness of the human being. Hair loss occurs because of the various reasons but the main reason of it is the age factor. Women are very conscious and particular about their hair because they simply believe that hair is the only one who increases their beauty. Hair is the main aspect for enhancing the women’s personality. With the unfortunate reason if the problem of Hair loss occurs then the easy of covering the baldness is wearing wig on the head. It’s the cheapest/ economical solution which the patient has.

Women’s Wigs

They are made of different types of human hair like European or Asian hair which is first bleached and then dyed to the normal European colors. Wigs made from the natural hair stuff are looks more natural and stays long lasting as comparatively to an artificial hair. Human hair wig needs the regular maintenance. They need to be done dry cleaning or shampoo gently by the professionals. It always helps the patient to keep two wigs so that one she can wear and the other is getting properly clean.

Choose Suitable wigs

A suitable wig can made according to the size of the head of the person and an appropriate color is selected so that the wig looks natural or suits to the person. Sometimes women before getting completely bald that means in their initial stage adopt the option of the wig. Though it is the better option as compares to other because the nurse can take the natural hair as a sample for the color and texture requires for making wig.

Many Hospitals do the treatment of baldness and provides hair wigs to the patients but not all hospitals. Generally this facility is provided by all Hair consultants or Hair Dresser. If the hair dresser is good he/she guides the patient in the best way.

Wigs Fitting

Fitting of women wigs is the very emotional part because if wig does not get properly fitted then it will not look more natural. Sometimes it causes allergy or irritation to the sufferer. So before making wig by the manufacturer these relevant points should keep in the mind.

Types of Women wigs

  1. Lace wigs
  2. Synthetic Wigs
  3. Human Hair wigs
  4. Monofilament wigs
  5. Derma fix Wigs
  6. Cranial Prosthesis Wigs

- Lace wigs: It is a mixture of some natural human hair and some synthetic hair. It is made to give the best quality of the wig and also very comfortable to the patient. Lace wigs has a natural parting throughout the wig and also make versatile hair styles on such wig.

- Synthetic Wigs: These wigs are durable and can match with the hair color of the patient. Various new hair styles can make on these quality of hairs which gives the new outlook to the women.

Most of the females prefer only this wig as it gives more comfort with good quality. Even after washing hair dryer can done easily and hair are well maintained easily. It is very economical.

- Human Hair Wigs: This wig makes feel the women as such she has her own hair. She can make various hair styles with the use of heat appliances like, curling or straitening hair with the iron tools. Quality of it will maintain same.

- Monofilament Wigs: The material used in making such wig gives the facility to women to do parting anywhere in the head. In such wigs monofilament material is used on the top of the wig whereas on the bottom and side of the head wefts are used. Wefts are the ribbon like bands where hair got tied with these ribbons. A woman who wears wigs regularly they prefer to wear this stuff.

- Hand tied wigs: These wigs are more natural looking. In this there are no wefts. Here, the natural scalp is shown throughout the cap. It a whole cap which covers the baldness of the head.

- Derma fix wigs: Derma fix wigs are of black and brown color. They are very much in the stock. As brown color will use on any machine for producing the wigs. This color even looks more trendy and natural. It boosts the confidence level of the patient after wearing this on head. Fine material of an artificial hair is added on the wig, which is of very light weight and very comfortable. It has not used any of the chemicals which cause allergies. All such artificial hair is on the interior side of the wig attached not with the glue but with the heat. It looks nice and trendy.

- Cranial Prosthesis wigs: This wig is for those who have lost their hair in some medical treatment, most commonly in Chemotherapy. It is like a specialized cap which includes the 100 % of European hair and designed in such a way as it gives the more comfort to the patient. It is made up of all such material which does not get slipped on the head/ scalp.

Wigs matching with Costumes

Besides baldness, women wear wigs for the other various purposes like fashion. To copy or imitate like an actor she wears the wigs and try to look like her. They wear the wig of that particular style which is alike in 1920’s and also match with their costumes. It gives the extraordinary looks to the woman which relates them with their dream actors.

Cost Incurred on Women Hair Wigs

It is very economical one can easily afford. It is not the beyond the range of the human being. The cost of producing wigs is totally dependent on the quality of material used. The one who wants a natural hair look then he/she should not bother about the cost if it’s little expensive also. Various types or qualities of wigs are available in the market by the various hair dressers. They are not same and available at the various prices. Hair Wigs are also available at online in reasonable prices.

The question is not only purchasing the wig but also to purchase one who gives the comfort and satisfaction to women. Women thinks or takes suggestions many times before taking clothes so now it’s the time of using or purchasing wig which enhances the beauty of the women. Ultimately it boosts the confidence level and also increases her personality.

As todays is the online world. Various new technologies have reached and many more to come so, women can order or select the Wigs as per their preference online only. Many Hair dressers or manufacturer provides you the facility but buy only from there who gives you the best quality. It’s none other than Hairbro. It gives such facility and asks you to pay only when the women sufferer will get satisfied after the trial. You can also reach them online on their website that is

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