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Hair styling in itself is a big industry in present environment. New inventions and latest techniques are being developed by experts to solve the number of hair problems. HAIR STYLE and HAIR STYLING is one of them. Hair styling or hair cut is much common and traditional practice in which one person gets his or hair cut. Hair styling is much more than cutting of hair, which includes roller setting, straightening etc.

Generally both have same meanings but from the hair expert’s point of view both terms are totally different. But one thing is common both hair style and styling is done to change the overall appearance or personality of a person.
WHAT IS HAIR STYLE: Hair style, also known as HAIR DO or a HAIR CUT refers to the cutting of hair system wearing on the head or scalp of a person. Hair fashioning is considered to be the most important aspect of the grooming of a person, fashion and cosmetics. The practice or we can say tradition of hair cut is as ancient as the existence of our civilization. In early stages women didn’t prefer to cut their hair and love their naturally grown long hair but as the time passes they start experimenting and began to wear different hair style system.
A HAIR STYLE system of a person depends on various aspects like physical features, image of a person or the hair expert instinct. Physical factors cover the type, texture, density and growth pattern of our natural hair, shape of the face and head and medical factors too. Hair style system is also affected by the self image e.g. present `fad’ hair system like dido flip or due to religious factors like traditional Jewish observed payot hair style system.

A HAIR STYLE is done by cutting the hair system in some style with the help of comb, scissors or a blow dryer, chosen by a person or depends on the instinct of hair dresser. This job done by professionals called HAIR DRESSERS. Hair style or hair dressing includes only cutting or trimming of hair wearing system.
WHAT IS HAIR STYLING: HAIR STYLING of hair wearing system is a broader term which includes hair style. It is a much wider concept which covers not just cutting of hair system but also includes HAIR STRAIGHTENING, REBONDING, COLORING OF HAIR, CURLING OF HAIR, extension, weaving etc. done with the help of various tools. Hair styling is done to give an elaborate look to your hair style system by using different products like hair gels, sprays, crèmes and lotions. Hair accessories like beads, artificial hair, bands or clips are also used to make your hair style system look more beautiful.
DIFFERENCE BETWEEN HAIR STYLE AND HAIR STYLING: HAIR STYLING of a system is a wider term which covers hair style also. It is basically a technique to give a modified and improved look to your hair style system, whether modern or contemporary, to do the makeover of an individual. Both the term complement each other, but still are different in following ways:
NUMBER OF TOOLS: The number of tools needed to do a HAIR STYLE is very less than that of HAIR STYLING tools. A hair cut, simple or complicated, only needs comb or brush, a pair of scissors or a blow dryer but large number of tools are required to do HAIR STYLING such as electric rods, pressing rod, hair rollers, hair irons etc.
TYPES OF PRODUCTS: An effective hair styling system demands the use of various styling products like hair sprays, gels, crèmes, mousse, serums, lotions, oils etc. on the other hand to get a haircut, at the most only crème is needed. A hair style is just a haircut without any accessories and a hair styling in most cases is incomplete without using hair accessories like beads, ribbons or clips etc.
NUMBER OF STYLES: One can do his or her complete makeover by choosing between different hair system like step haircut, mushroom cut, layered cut, diana cut, bob cut, uneven step cut and hair styling involves hair straightening, rebounding, highlighting of hair, curling etc. Both jobs must be done by professionals but HAIR STYLING job demands more knowledge and experience to have effective results.
FREQUENCY: The frequency of a haircut is much more than that of HAIR STYLING. The frequency of a hair style or haircut much depends on the quality of hair used in and maintenance issues also. However if hair styling is like coloring or straightening, it lasts longer and less use of hair styling. Also a person who is a party animal will go more for hair styling sessions.

COST-EFFECTIVE: However haircut is done more number of times than hair styling, still it is less costly than hair styling. Products used in hair styling like gels, mousse, serums are very expensive, which makes hair styling system a costly affair. Hair accessories like beads, ribbons, bands, clips etc. are also very expensive which again adds to hair styling.
SCOPE: HAIR STYLE SYSTEM is a narrow concept while HAIR STYLING is a wider term which includes hair cut. Hair style is just a small part of hair styling.
TIME: A simple hair cut at the maximum can take 30-45 minutes while for a hair styling system one has to devote 2 to 3 hours depending on the choice of hair styling.
Hence the difference between HAIR STYLE systems AND HAIR STYLING is evidently clear. Both hair style and hair styling are techniques to maintain the hair replacement system of an individual. Both have its own pros and cons but as hair styling system involves more use of gels and lotions containing harsh chemicals, it weakens the knots and damages our hair. HAIR STYLING methods also deteriorates the quality of hair causes hair fall but it shouldn’t mean that one should be kept away from such techniques in today’s dynamic and fashionable environment. Also number of shampoos and conditioners of good quality are offered by many companies to procure the good health and condition of hair.